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Roadstone tyres, associated with the global tyre manufacturing brand Nexen, are produced in Korea and China. Roadstone was launched over 15 years ago to compete in the budget tyre market. It currently develops tyres for standard cars, SUVs, and trucks, and are being sold in more than 100 countries across the world.

Roadstone is committed to developing and continually improving the quality of their eco-friendly tyres. To achieve this, it has established many R&D networks worldwide in countries such as Germany, Korea, the United States, and China. This tyre brand has gained popularity at an exponential rate; now deemed as a brand that offers tyres with great value for money.

Some of the featured Roadstone tyres available at Gilgal are:

Roadstone Eurovis HP 01

Roadstone Eurovis HP 01 is a summer tyre with an asymmetric tread design that offers excellent handling and gripping capabilities. The 3-channel main groove and the shoulder lateral groove design disperses water effectively, enabling it to perform excellently even on wet roads. The 3D section design significantly improves the braking distance and cornering.

Roadstone Nfera SU1

Roadstone Nfera SU1 is an exceptional high-performance summer tyre that provides motorists with great handling capability and stability. Its 4 asymmetric groove design ensures superior grip and braking performance. Combine this with the hydrophilic lateral grooves, and you get exceptional wet performance. The specially designed shoulder block and rib block contributes to its stability, handling and cornering.

Roadstone Winguard SUV

Roadstone Winguard SUV is a winter tyre that can be fitted to SUV and other 4x4 vehicles. Its V-shaped design along with the straight-line wide groove provides maximum stability and reduces the risk of aquaplaning in cold and wet conditions. It also possesses a special multi-kerf design which boosts the grounding power and emanates reduced noise on snowy roads.

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