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During its long 140-year-old journey, Pirelli tyres have undergone a chain of innovative practices that have redefined the relationship between the driver and his vehicle. As one of the pioneers of low pressure lighter tyres, Pirelli has rejuvenated its brand name through introducing exciting innovations aimed at extracting maximum performance. 

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Since 1872, Pirelli has patented various practices to ensure proper alignment of the tyres within the wheel; the modus operandi of their operation being renamed, Milano. Not only did it flourish in local Italian markets, but marked its success in foreign markets as well. 

Through rigorous experimentation, Pirelli introduced its ‘Ercole’ car tyres. Decades hence, Pirelli launched its Superflex tyres which, fitted to Brilli Peri’s Alfa Romeo, assisted his victory in Italian Grand Prix, 1925.

Why Pirelli?

Through exquisite innovations leading to the discovery of polypropylene, Pirelli introduced radial tyres that would aid in revolutionising the industry. By the 1970s, Pirelli’s engineers diverted their attention towards low profile tyres meant for race tracks and passenger vehicles alike. Porsche incorporated Pirelli’s P7 road tyres in their iconic Carrera 911 as standard. Currently, Pirelli tyres are a household name all across the UK and the world.

Pirelli’s revolutionary simulation and design techniques have helped them accentuate their position in Formula 1. Experts agree that Pirelli’s R&D encapsulates superior technology; constant testing thus makes them eligible to run vehicles with an output of as much as 750 HP. Come and experience history at our Gilgal Tyre garage in Manchester, UK. 

Pirelli tire catalogue:

Pirelli Car Tyres are meant for multi-tasking, be it on the race track of for city commute. Their exclusive two-wheeler off-road edition, named as Scorpion, has been known for durability and affordability. With better traction and advanced gripping, Pirelli tyres have structured a benchmark of accurate on-road and off-road tyres.

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Pirelli Car Tyres are incomparable, synonymous with Giovanni Pirelli’s dream to provide attention to detail and rider safety. With extraordinary value for money and cutting-edge technology, make your off-road/on-road journey smooth as butter. 

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