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Mobility, value, performance, and safety – the four key parameters on which Nexen tyres bases its business on. Thriving for constant innovations through overcoming challenges meant to ensure optimum driving experience, Nexen Car Tyres guarantee ultra-smart performance on all road types. Welcome to the world of Nexen – the pioneer in dry/wet performance meant to reduce wear and tear.

Through constant surveying and rigorous research, Gilgal Tyre specialists take pride in recommending Nexen Premium sport ultra-performance tyres. Built for harsh terrains and meant to control traction, Nexen Car Tyres guarantee extreme performance and are specially intended for the UK’s climate. 

Why Nexen?

The Korean automobile tyre giant has patented their stratified silicate Nano-composite tyres and has subsequently seen an enhancement in their overall market share. Gilgal Tyre’s specialists believe that Nexen tyres can easily withstand sudden shocks or damage. The pressure of the impact can easily be tackled using their exclusive Extrusion and Rolling technology. This pressure furthers their driving force thanks to the tread pattern irrespective of tyre surface.

Three exclusive reasons why automobile owners based in Manchester should base their choice on Nexen are:

- Exclusive three-layered solid resilient tyres with a multi-thread pattern for greater traction and improved stability. 

- Eco-friendly hence manufactured strictly in compliance with European standards and maintains REACH regulations.

- Three layers cushion built-in enables easy mounting and ease vehicle stability.

Extensive Global reach:

Nexen tyres qualify with industrial ethics and have set high standards for all developing tyre technologies. Their state-of-the-art Research and development centre aims to employ qualified workforce combined with advanced systematic procedures. At Gilgal Tyre, we enlighten our customers on Nexen’s Vehicle dynamics.

Stop risking lives when you are on the road. Come to Gilgal Tyre and experience the brilliance of Nexen. Or get your Nexen Tyres Manchester Online now!



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