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In 1898, Charles Goodyear created a company and pioneered the use of vulcanised rubber. He named it Goodyear Tyre and Rubber Company, and soon enough, it earned a place as the topmost tyre manufacturing company in the world.

To bring their expertise to your doorsteps, we, Gilgal Tyre, have stocked almost every product from Goodyear tyres Manchester. You can now pick your favourite product from our stock, all at an attractive price. Also, for your convenience, you can buy tyres online from our website.

Goodyear tyres – the best of the best

Goodyear is one of the largest tyre manufacturing companies today, earning their place among companies like Pirelli, Dunlop, and Goodrich, etc. They achieved that with their extensive R&D, innovative design and incorporation of new materials in their products. Whenever you choose to buy Goodyear tyres, you choose to buy quality and performance unhindered even after 119 years of existence.

Their list of achievements is out of this world, literally. The first lunar rover on Apollo 14 was equipped with Goodyear tyres; they withstood extreme temperatures and the vacuum of space and performed flawlessly.

In this world too, they have multiple achievements under their name.

  • When it comes to Formula One racing, Goodyear tyres have dominated it with their excellent performance and sturdiness. Their products are famous for delivering high speeds along with decent road grip.
  • The famous NASCAR races use Goodyear tyres exclusively.
  • They are famous among off-roaders and SUV owners for their endurance and ride quality.

Back in 1963, Goodyear celebrated making their one billionth tyre, becoming one of the very few in this world to do so. Whenever you visit us at Gilgal Tyre to buy Goodyear tyres Manchester, you get the quality and assurance that their long line has to offer.

So, why wait?

If you are looking to buy a new set of tyres that promises value for money, Goodyear will be the best option for you. With their unmatched quality, they offer you everything you ever wanted from your car’s tyres. You can visit Gilgal Tyres in Manchester and get attractive prices on all our products. You can also visit our website to buy tyres online.



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