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Recently, private car ownership in the UK increased by a huge margin. Unfortunately, the market for automotive spare parts couldn’t keep pace with the demand. It created a major price hike in car parts, especially tyres.

To make sure that people of Manchester do not face this issue, we, Gilgal Tyre, have decided to bring the entire line-up of quality car tyres to our showroom. One of our (and our customers’) all-time favourites, Cooper Tyres, are now available at affordable prices at our store.

Cooper Tyres is an American Tyre company who manufacture tyres for personal vehicles, trucks, and racing vehicles. They have a worldwide reach with their facilities spread all over the globe. They also own the UK-based Avon Tyres brand.

You can now buy Cooper tyres Manchester from our store. Being one of the largest tyre retailers, you will find a wide variety of products at our store. You can also buy tyres online from our website.

  • Cooper tyres – affordability with quality

Cooper tyres is famous for offering superior quality offered at reasonable prices. Over the 104 years, that they have been present in the market and they have accumulated several achievements under their name.

Back in 2005 to 2006, they became the official tyre supplier for the world famous A1 Grand Prix and continued supplying slick tyres along with treaded rain tyres for the series championship until 2008.

In 1982, Avon Tyres were the sole tyre supplier for British Formula Three Championship; a tag Cooper Tyres earned after they merged with Avon. They stayed as that championship’s official sponsor till 2014.

Whenever you buy Cooper tyres Manchester, you buy a piece of their racing heritage. At Gilgal Tyre, our customers have always appreciated our recommendation after using it for a few days.

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If you are looking for something with a long service life and stellar performance, without burning a hole in your pocket, you should choose Cooper tyres. They have earned everyone’s trust by surviving in the fierce market only with their ingenuity and innovation. At Gilgal Tyre, you will be able to choose from their entire collection and buy Cooper tyres at Manchester at reasonable prices. You can also buy tyres online from our website.



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