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Like all other technological fields, Germany is one of the leaders when it comes to tyre production too. One great example of their technical prowess is Continental Tyres, a part of the enormous Continental AG from Hanover, Lower Saxony. Continental tyres are currently in use in over 140 countries, and the list is expanding.

At Gilgal Tyre, we have great belief in the quality and advanced nature of Continental Tyres; which is why we have a massive stock of their various models of tyres in Manchester. Whether you are looking for good-looking radial tyres, winter and summer tyres, or a reliable set of all-season tyres, Continental has it all.

Why buy continental tyres?

All across the UK and other parts of Europe, tire companies face huge competition. Whenever we have customers looking for tyres, they often ask: why should we buy Continental tyres? Well, there are specific reasons to buy their products. We list some of them.

Continental is not only a manufacturer of tyres but a globally renowned manufacturer of multiple automotive parts. From interior electronics to safety equipment to tachographs, Continental makes everything related to cars.

They have been in business since 1871. Initially, the company manufactured rubber and rubber-related products. Since then, the company has grown exponentially and has become the giant that we know it as today.

The company is currently the fourth-largest tyre supplier in the world. It has business interests across all the continents and is growing. A recent expansion project started in the island country of Costa Rica, where more modern products will be manufactured.

Continental is also one of the world’s leading suppliers of motorcycle and bicycle tyres worldwide. They have also specialised in manufacturing tyres for mountain bikes.

When you buy Continental Tyres Manchester, remember that well-known names like Volkswagen, Freightliner Trucks, BMW, Honda, and Porsche use their products too. All these companies have found their products to be excellent.

Continental at Gilgal Tyre

At Gilgal Tyre, we have an extensive range of inventory of Continental tyres. Our inventory is stocked with tyres that will fit almost all the models of cars and heavier vehicles plying in the UK. You can visit our workshop, or take a look at our website for more details.



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