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Did you know that the world’s largest tyre supplier in the world is not Germany’s Continental or France’s Michelin, but Japan’s Bridgestone tyres? Many people believe that Bridgestone is a European tyre manufacturer, but it is named after its Japanese founder. Gilgal Tyre now brings you the best Bridgestone tyres Manchester.

This company currently has over 140 manufacturing facilities and is supplied to all the major markets. After WW2, the company had later started producing motorcycles. Now, it only makes tyres. The company has always led on the technological ground with many Deming Prizes under its belt, for Total Quality Management or TQM.

Why buy Bridgestone Tyres?

Bridgestone is an iconic name in the global tyre market. Popular with most teams of the Formula One circuit, the company owns Firestone Tyres, which is Ohio-based. There are many benefits of ordering Bridgestone tyres online. Some are:

  • Bridgestone has been involved in the racing circuit for a pretty long time. Their association starts at the feeder stages, including Formula 2, Formula 3, and others.
  • None other than Valentino Rossi, the iconic motorcycle racing champion, has served as ‘Bridgestone Tyre Advisor’. It also finds support from significant names in the racing business, including ‘Flying Finn’ Mika Hakkinen.
  • Bridgestone has seen fierce global competition in the form of Michelin. After Michelin declared its departure from F1, this company was the sole tyre supplier.
  • The company is also well-known as a manufacturer of aircraft tyres. Even rival companies like Boeing and Airbus use their tyres. Both the flagship models of the respective companies, the 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380, boast Bridgestone tyres.
  • Lastly, this is a company that has always excelled at innovations. Bridgestone Picnica is a successful foldable bicycle.

Buy Bridgestone car tyres at Manchester

If you stay at Manchester and want to buy Bridgestone tyres online, Gilgal Tyre can help you. With a wide array of products priced competitively, we can help you choose your best set. Check out our website for more details; else, come and visit us on any working day.



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