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When the great Charles Lindberg conquered the Atlantic in “Spirit of St. Louis”, he did so with tyres made by BFGoodrich tyres. This American tyre manufacturer was the first North American firm to make radial tyres. Currently owned by the French Michelin group, this is the brand car enthusiasts worldwide use widely.

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Why choose BFGoodrich tyres in the first place?

Something which many customers ask us: why should they buy BFGoodrich tyres? Well, the reasons are plenty. A brief glimpse of their history will suffice.

  • The very first car to cross the continental United States had BFGoodrich tyres. They were excellent performers, and mark a significant episode in automotive history.
  • American Space Shuttle Columbia also had BFGoodrich tyres. The company has always actively participated in proactive R&D.
  • BFGoodrich is the first company to develop tubeless tyres in the US. Being tubeless ensures that the inner tyre is redundant, which increases its safety quotient.
  • BFGoodrich paved the way for one of the commonest innovations in technical history, the pressure suits astronauts use for space travel. It was a remarkable achievement in the late 1930s. Buy BFGoodrich tyres online from us.
  • This company always has actively participated in various car races and competitions around the world. The Paris-Dakar rally, for example, is one in which this company has seen multiple successes.
  • Lastly, off-road motoring enthusiasts are great fans of this company’s flagship all-terrain tyres. It has seen a rise in the number of adventure rising enthusiasts using BFGoodrich tyres.

Buy BFGoodrich Tyres Manchester

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