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Aoteli Tyres is part of the Shengtai Group, a well-known tyre manufacturing company based in China. Started in 2002, Shengtai ranks among the top 35 tyre manufacturers across the world. To this day, it produces over six million passenger tyres a year.

Aoteli was born to focus on the budget segment of the tyre market. If you are looking for a cost-effective solution when it comes to new tyres without compromising on quality and experience high performance, then you must buy Aoteli tyres.

In order to gain a strong foothold in the European market, Aoteli (Shentai) committed to developing tyres with quality that comply with the strict European standards. A blend of the global flavour, the tyre with its Chinese roots makes use of the German, Japanese, and Dutch equipment in its tyre manufacturing process.

Some of the featured Aoteli tyres available at Gilgal Tyre garage are:

Aoteli P607

A tyre with performance levels on par with the expensive premium tyres at the expense of a budget tyre. P607 model offers excellent gripping on challenging road surfaces. Its performance is phenomenal especially on wet surfaces due to which the risks of aquaplaning are significantly reduced. It also boosts road safety thanks to the reduced braking distance and great cornering ability. Aoteli P607 is one best performing budget tyres available currently in the UK.


The Ecosaver tyre delivers a quiet and comfortable ride. With reduced rolling resistance, the noise levels of the tyres are very low. Not only does it save you money being a budget tyre, but it increases the fuel efficiency of the vehicle it is fitted on as well. Its pattern is largely popular with numerous car-manufacturing brands such as Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Jaguar and many more.


This summer tyre is perfect for the van and other similar load-carrying vehicles. It performs incredibly well on dry as well as wet road surfaces. It has low rolling resistance and exceptional brake responsiveness, offering maximum control and a long quiet ride.

Buy Aoteli tyres at Gilgal

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