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If you are looking for quality tyres in and around Manchester, look no further than Gilgal Tyre!

We have been attending to the spare tyre needs of car owners of Manchester and its adjoining areas like Swinton for many years now. Our collection is the largest in this area and encompasses tyres for every kind of road and weather conditions.

Many car owners do no appreciate the importance of the right set of tyres on their cars. Tyres determine the ride quality to a large extent. You may notice that car manufacturers only use the finest tyres as their OEM. We have a selection of OEM grade tyres at our garage that are considered the best in business.

Tyres according to seasons

The seasonal requirements of car tyres Swinton are quite diverse. A summer tyre won’t perform adequately when the temperature reaches near freezing point. Contrarily, a winter tyres will simply fail to provide you with a comfortable ride when it’s scorching outside. You have to keep all these things in mind before you purchase new tyres for your car.

Given below is a brief overview of which tyres to go for according to the seasonal needs:

  • Winter tyres: Only when the temperature is below 7 degrees Celsius at a stretch.
  • Summer tyres: Anything above the 7 degrees mark and these tyres are the way to go.
  • All-season tyres: Perform well in most mild weather conditions; should be avoided in case of extremes.

Tyres according to brands

Our garage houses tyres from top global brands. These tyre makers have perfected the art of manufacturing quality tyres and continue to spend a substantial portion of their revenue on developing even better ones. Some of these brands that we stock include:

  1. Continental
  2. Michelin
  3. Bridgestone
  4. Pirelli
  5. Dunlop
  6. Goodyear

The versatility of these brands can be gauged if you look at the variety that they provide. All of them have tyres in various categories that are impeccable in performance.

Tyres according to size

Every car has a very specific tyre size that you have to adhere to. The tyres on a hatchback, for example, will be significantly smaller than 4x4 tyres. You can find the tyre size corresponding to your vehicle inscribed on the sidewalls of your OEM or on your user’s manual.

For example, you’ll find 275/40R19 inscribed on the sidewalls of a Bentley Continental GT. Likewise, the tyres on an Audi A4 Quattro will feature 245/40R18.

It’s paramount that you choose the tyres exactly matching the specifications of your car. At our garage, you’ll find tyres of all sizes, fit for every car regardless of their make and model.

In conclusion, regardless of whether you need the most expensive or cheap tyres Swinton, our garage is the place to visit. Call us today at Gilgal Tyre to book an appointment.

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