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Being the largest retailers of tyres Rochdale and Manchester, we store a lot of tyre brands at our garage. One of the most common questions that we face on a daily basis is which brand is the best among them all. A particularly difficult question to answer, each brand has their strengths and drawbacks.

Comparing these brands on the basis of the quality of tyres is an almost impossible task. However, annual revenue is one parameter where we can comprehensively stack them up against each other and determine which brand performed better than others. However, it must be remembered that revenue depends on a lot of things other than the quality of tyres. Therefore, when you come to buy car tyres at our facility, know more about the brands before putting a new set on your car.


With gross revenue of 26.2 billion USD, Bridgestone is currently the largest producers of tyres globally. Every sixth car tyre in the world is from this Japanese behemoth. Bridgestone surged ahead of the others at the turn of this decade and haven’t been dethroned in the past 9 years. Their tyres are just the perfect mix of functionality and affordability which has resulted in their mass appeal.


Breathing down Bridgestone’s neck with 23.4 billion USD in revenue and about 14% of the market share is the French giant, Michelin. This company produces a whopping 180 million tyres annually from its 69 production plants spread across 18 countries. Michelin has been a forerunner in tyre innovation with the invention of radial tyres, removable tyres and neural under their belt.


The third spot on this list goes to Goodyear which raked in 14.6 billion USD in the fiscal year 2017. Some of the best cheap tyres Rochdale are from this American manufacturer. Goodyear tyres are known for their durability and performance regardless of the road conditions. They are also quite famous for the Goodyear blimp which can be seen at various sporting events around the world.


The same country that produced iconic car brands like Audi, BMW, Volkswagen and Mercedes also gave us one of the leading tyre brands in the form of Continental AG. Their tyres are some of the most widely used tyres in Rochdale. The 12.6 billion USD that they generated last year suggests that it is the same everywhere else in the world.


Italian craftsmanship comes to full view when one talks about Pirelli tyres. They are currently the fifth largest tyre manufacturer in the world with 6.1 billion USD in gross revenue. At our garage, you will find the extraordinary variety that Pirelli brings to the table. They are also known to many for their famous association with Serie A club, Inter Milan.

Regardless of the revenue they generated, tyres from all these brands are equally proficient in handling the demands of modern driving. At Gilgal Tyre, you’ll get multiple options from all these brands. Choose the one that fits well with your driving habits.

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