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People living and driving in and around the small town of Irlam in Salford will now have greater control and choice over which car tyres they buy. That is because we, Gilgal Tyre, are in town. We are one of the largest suppliers of tyres in these British Isles and we have expanded to this south side of the M62 motorway so that we can serve more people.

A major problem which the residents of Irlam used to face was scarcity in the number of tyre brands and models at their disposal. Most local car garages still do not store tyres from multinational companies. Well, with our vast inventory, tyres Irlam just got some brand new choices.

Our offerings

Gilgal Tyre has always led from the front when it came to customer satisfaction. In Irlam, people buy their wheels based on three main factors, among many others:

  • Tyre utility based on the vehicle used.
  • Nature of tyres based on the season.
  • Brand value.

On all these three fronts, we have recorded the tyre types that most customers demand and have come up with possibly the finest tyre collection in Manchester.

Tyres by utility

Cheap tyres at Irlam come in various types and sizes. No two car models share the exact type of tyre, although laymen cannot make out the characteristics of a tyre by mere visual inspection. Primarily, these are the types of tyres Irlam:

  • Tyres for performance vehicles and SUVs, also called 4x4 tyres.
  • Tyres for work-around vehicles and sedans.
  • Run-flat tyres, which can withstand a sudden loss in air pressure.
  • UHP tyres for the thrill-seeker.

Tyres by season

Irlam gets a fair amount of snow in the winter. Prevailing laws in the UK state that every time the temperatures fall below 7 degrees Celsius, you must use winter tyres. Else, summer tyres, which have stiffer rubber carcasses, are of great use. However, since Irlam does not get too much snow, all-season models can be the stopgap set of tyres that you need.

Besides, all-season tyres save you additional money since you do not have to buy two different sets of tyres every year. A single set of tyres will do.

Tyres by brand

We store some of the best brands in the business. Our customers can choose the latest models from the houses of:

  • Michelin tyres
  • Pirelli tyres
  • Bridgestone tyres
  • Dunlop tyres
  • Nexen tyres

We store all the tyre sizes that people in Irlam and other local annexes use. It doesn’t matter whether you own a Bentley or a Fiat or an Audi: we will help you.

The Gilgal edge

When you buy car tyres from us, you get all the bells and whistles that manufacturers pass on to the end users, who are our customers. Simply come down to our facility for a demo or book an appointment online.

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