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There are around 142,000 licensed cars in the Greater Manchester area. The number of reliable auto garages is glaringly low in comparison; the number of tyre suppliers, even lower.

Gilgal Tyre has filled that void to a large extent. With our garage now in town, car owners in Manchester, Bury, Bolton and other surrounding areas have the access to the widest selection of tyres from various international and local brands.

Even if you stick to the same car for more than a couple of years, you will have to replace your old tyres with new ones. This is precisely where our workshop comes in. We have spare tyres Bury for every kind of vehicle. From BMWs to Fiats, and Bentleys to Audis, we have something of interest for everyone.

The tyre that you’ll find at our garage has all been tested for the best quality and come with the proper EU tyre labels. They are from renowned brands such as Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear, Nexen and Dunlop.

All these brands have been in the market for a considerable amount of time and have a proven track record of delivering excellence. We check every tyre that enters our premises individually and ensures that they are in their optimal condition before they get a place on our shelves. So, when you come to buy car tyres from us, you can be assured that whichever tyre you pick will adhere to the highest standards and deliver the expected results.

Points to remember

There are a few things that you should consider before you make a final decision, the first among which is the seasonal variations of these tyres. Every major tyre manufacturer produces tyres in predominantly 4 segments namely summer, winter, all-season and performance.

The names are pretty much self-explanatory. However, you should be aware of the subtle nuances attached to their use.

  • Winter tyres are for use only when the temperature remains consistently below 7⁰ C. If it fluctuates at different times of the day, you’ll be better served by all-season tyres.
  • Summer tyres are for higher temperatures when there is no chance of the mercury dropping below 7⁰. They become stiff and even brittle if it does.
  • All-season tyres have no such qualms. You can use them in the sun and snow. However, if there is a thick layer of snow or scorching heat, you should opt for seasonal tyres.
  • Performance tyres are for those who are looking for precise handling and braking at high speeds. Although these tyres offer an excellent driving experience, they are also less durable than the others.

If you want to get a hands-on feel of these tyres before purchasing one, the doors of our garage are open for you. Drop by Gilgal Tyres Bury on any working day and experience quality service plus superior products under one roof.

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