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At Gilgal Tyre, we believe in variety. The collection of spare tyres at our workshop reflects as much. By locating ourselves at the heart of Manchester, we have made it easier for people of surrounding areas like Altrincham to avail our services and a wide range of aftermarket and OEM tyres.

Our collection is as extensive as it gets. We have tyres from all the major manufacturers of the world and we sell them at prices that are hard to find anywhere else. These brands produce tyres for all weather and road conditions, and for every type of vehicle. So, you’ll find summer, winter and all-season tyres, as well as 4x4 and performance tyres at our facility.

Some of the brands that we stock at Gilgal Tyre are:


Continental is known for its dexterity while building its tyres. Approaching its 150th anniversary, this German giant has always been at the forefront of the automobile parts industry. Their tyres are known for their durability and all-round performance. At our garage, we stock an exclusive range of their products. The most popular ones are:

  • ContiPremiumContact
  • ContiSportContact
  • PureContact LS


The youngest of the lot, and one of the most innovative ones too, Nexen’s ethos is contained in its name. ‘Nexen’ is a portmanteau of the two words ‘next’ and ‘century’ which gives a glimpse into what they strive to achieve. Their tyres are known for their impeccable design which combines aesthetics and functionality perfectly. The bestselling Nexen tyres at our facility include:

  • N Fera SUR4G
  • N 9000
  • N blue Eco


Italy has been instrumental in taking the automobile sector forward. Iconic car brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Fiat and Alfa Romeo have come out of this country. Another name that shines equally brightly if not more is Pirelli. They have been in the tyre manufacturing business since 1871 and their products are a testament of Italian craftsmanship. Currently, Pirelli is the 5th largest tyre manufacturer in the world. Some of the most sold tyres of this brand at our garage are:

  • Cinturato p7
  • P Zero
  • Winter SottoZero


The brainchild of Japanese visionary Shojiro Ishibashi, Bridgestone has climbed the ladder of success pretty quickly to sit at the top of the pile of tyre manufacturers. They currently amount for nearly 15% of all tyres sold globally. Bridgestone has also left an indelible mark on Formula One championships, winning 175 of the 244 races they participated in. Their bestselling tyres Altrincham are:

  • Potenza
  • DriveGuard
  • Turanza


Many people are unaware of the fact that the first commercially viable pneumatic tyre was developed by a man born in Scotland working in Ireland. John Dunlop laid the foundation of the company that would eventually become one of the biggest names in the tyre industry. Dunlop tyres are affordable and efficient, making them one of the most popular cheap tyres Altrincham. At our workshop, their most sold products include:

  • SP Sport Maxx
  • Ensave 01
  • Winter Maxx

If you are about to buy car tyres and want nothing short of the best for your car, visit our workshop on any working day. You may call to book an appointment beforehand or just go ahead and buy your set of tyres online right here.

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