Tyre Tread Depth

Treads on vehicle tyres are responsible for holding the friction between the tyres and the road. With time and extensive driving, tyres lose its treading, thus reducing the traction. Tyre treads are complex patterns knit into vehicle tyres and, particularly in case of racing vehicles, treading is extremely significant. Affordable tyre treading is no longer a myth!

Why indulge in risky affairs?

Gilgal Tyre specialists recommend constant checking of your tyre treading and inflation rates. Risks of hefty fines for breaking road rules are still acceptable, but worn-out tyre treads can cost you your life. UK’s Motor vehicles Laws states that vehicles should have a minimum treading depth of 1.6mm. However, our experts recommend a minimum 3mm treading depth. 

As a thumb rule, vehicle stopping distance varies inversely with treading diameters. Evidently, wet tyres are more prone to skidding on wet roads. The UK typically experiences a moderately temperate climate, and it is particularly dangerous travelling with minimised tyre treads since the tyres risk driver safety owing to eventual grip loss. 

Check out Gilgal Tyre’s new workshop in Manchester. We perform thorough tyre check-ups and render your tyres suitable for longer rides without compromising safety. Wet tyres, winter tyres, summer tyres, off-roading tyres, you name it, we have it all. 

Tyre treads: The Litmus test for your tyre health!

Depending on the vehicle type, tyre treads can be symmetrical, asymmetrical or directional. Differences in tread patterns determine the depth of traction and effectiveness of braking. Our experts believe that the mere identification of traction loss can often help detect worn-out treading. 

Not only do you expose your vehicle to accidents, but you may even be denied insurance claims, owing to negligence. Why wait and give your vehicle a lousy name? Rush to your nearest Gilgal Tyre showroom in Manchester and receive industrial standard tyre treading services from experts. We assess, analyse and repair worn out tyres with love!

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