Tyre Labelling

Since July 2012, the entire European Union and some of their neighbouring countries have adopted a uniform tyre labelling system. This label helps customers to make an informed choice by presenting key information through an easy-to-understand rating system. 

The EU tyre label focuses on three critical factors. The chart shows the fuel efficiency, grip on wet roads and noise emissions in an ‘A’ to ‘G’ rating system. 

It is mandated to attach the correct tyre label on each tyre that is on display for sale in the UK. At Gilgal Tyre Manchester, we take extra care to attach the correct label to each unit that we have to sell. Also, when you visit our website to buy tyres online, you will see the appropriate tyre label displayed in their description.

EU Tyre Label – what does it mean?

The tyre label has an easy to read ‘A’ to ‘G’ rating with ‘D’ used as a parameter to segregate the top and bottom three ratings. 

Let’s break down each of them further. 

Fuel efficiency – When you drive your vehicle, the friction between road and tyres act against the movement. This friction is known as Rolling Resistance. 

In an EU tyre label, an ‘A’ rating represents the best performance, and a ‘G’ rating represents the worst. On average, a ‘G’ rated tyre consumes 6 litres of extra fuel for every 625 miles. 

At our Manchester, you will find only the top rated tyres that will increase your car’s mileage by at least 20%.

Wet Grip – An important safety feature, wet grip evaluates a tyre’s traction on wet roads. Like the fuel efficiency, it is also measured on an ‘A’ to ‘G’ scale. However, in this case, grade ‘G’ is not used as this rating is deemed virtually unusable. The total difference in braking distance between the top and bottom ranking is about 18 meters.

In both cases, ‘D’ works as a differentiator between the top and bottom halves.  

Noise rating – The noise generated by a spinning tyre is measured and is put into the label as a rating. It has a three wave pattern, single being the quietest, three waves being the loudest. Also, the value is given in numbers beside the wave symbol.  

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