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Care for a responsive and safe drive, one that assures accurate driving and better cornering? In terms of handling and responsiveness, especially during summer months, summer tyres are incomparable. Modern summer tyres come with active Braking technology that improves your precision and better handling.  

Our specialists at Gilgal Tyre tyre-maintenance team now operating in Manchester recommend shifting to summer tyres. Contrary to winter tyres suitable for atmospheric temperatures below 7 degrees Celsius, summer tyres apply interlocking bubble blade technologies which improve braking precision.

Unlike summer tyres, winter tyres have high rubber content, thus improving grip. Plus, differences in tyre treads and grooving in winter tyres help vehicles conquer snow by providing sufficient friction. Summer tyres, however, require less treading in order to maintain optimum speed levels. 

Options available:

Vehicle tyre manufacturers lay stress on annual temperatures and overall road conditions while improving tyre geometry. Research claims that light and steady ultra-performance tyres from Dunlop and Goodyear ensure driver’s peace of mind.

Summer tyres ensure complete performance in summer months thanks to their composition, structure and groove patterns. Dunlop applies Motorsport Derived Construction in their summer tyres to improve handling. 

Gilgal Tyre recommends

Ever wondered why summer tyres take lesser braking distance than winter tyres? Their construction is such that they reduce friction and help drivers save fuel costs, more so because their block shaped treads occupy a larger surface area on the road. Therefore, the braking impact is higher.

Our specialists have based their research and experience in understanding the ideal tyres for your vehicle. Especially during extreme heat and demanding driving situations, summer tyres provide improved traction. Owing to the improved wet grip of summer tyres, drivers can ease through harsh driving conditions while maintaining the safety of the passengers.

UK temperatures shift dramatically, and therefore residents of Manchester should consider turning to summer tyres in early spring. Unlike friction tyres, summer tyres are more reliable and predictable.  

Tyres & maintenance-all under one roof!

Our new workshop in Manchester features a state-of-the-art tyre maintenance mechanism that helps check

  • Tyre pressure and tread density
  • Pare tyre requirements. 
  • Regular tyre check-up.
  • Consultation services and directions when or why to shift to summer tyres.
  • Check for cracks, wear and tear or need for minor plugging/s. 

Save yourself from a punctured tyre or a complete blowout in the middle of a trip; save time and money without risking lives at the mercy of weather conditions. Shift to summer tyres today! 

Receive your summer tyres manchester online and avoid the unnecessary hassle!

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