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Do you need to buy new tyres for your vehicle, but not sure what size is right for it? Take a peek on the sidewall of the current tyre, and you will see a few numbers written there. Note them down as they signify the size of the tyre that can be fitted to your vehicle.

Tyres of dimension 225/45 R17 are fitted to a large number of cars in the UK currently. In 225/45 R17, 225 is the width of the tyre, 45 is the ratio between sidewall height and tyre width, R shows the construction type which in this case is Radial, and 17 is the wheel rim diameter of the tyre.

You can buy tyres of this dimension mentioned above at Gilgal Tyre. Gilgal is one of the best and biggest tyre retail shops in Manchester. We sell tyres of many globally recognised brands that can be fitted to numerous types of vehicles. One of the brands that we recommend purchasing is Roadstone Tyres.

Roadstone, a brainchild of Nexen Tyre, is one of the fastest growing companies in the tyre manufacturing industry. Manufactured in Korea and China, this brands efficiently sells tyres in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Featured Roadstone 225/45 R17 tyres:

Roadstone Winguard Sport

Roadstone N Priz 4 Seasons

Roadstone Eurovis SP 04

You can buy Roadstone 225/45 R17 tyres from Gilgal tyre. Drive to our retail shop in Manchester to go through our inventory or simply visit our website and buy tyres online hassle-free. To view our online catalogue now, scroll up to the search box present at the top of this page, select the right tyre dimensions.

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