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Are you looking to buy new tyres? Is 205/50 R17 the size right for your vehicle?

Then opt for Roadstone 205/50 R17 tyres today.

For motorists unsure about the meaning of the numbers mentioned above, 205 is the width of the tyre and is expressed in millimetres, 50 denotes the tyre profile which means the sidewall covers 50% of the tyre width 205mm, R indicates the construction type of the tyre which is Radial in this case, and 17 is the diameter of the wheel rim.

Buy Roadstone 205/50 R17 tyres

Roadstone brand is associated with Nexen Tyre, a Korean tyre manufacturing giant. It is one of the most fast-growing companies, currently selling tyres in more than 100 countries across the world.

Some of the excellent Roadstone 205/50 R17 tyres available at Gilgal are:

Roadstone Eurovis HP02

Roadstone Eurovis Sport 4

Roadstone Winguard Sport

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