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Looking to buy 195/60 R15 tyres online?

For motorists who may still not be sure about what these digits mean,

The width of the tyre is 195mm.

The tyre profile, i.e., the sidewall is 60% of the total tyre width (195mm).

The construction-type of the tyre is Radial.

The diameter of the wheel rim it can be fitted to is 15 inches.

With the right amount of width and sidewall depth, these tyres are perfect for UK roads and motorways. You can buy 195/60 R15 tyres online from Gilgal Tyre.

Gilgal Tyre is one of the largest tyre retailers in Manchester. We store and fit a large range of tyres that come in many sizes, and manufactured by globally recognised brands. Our stock of brands consists of big names such as Pirelli, Continental, Michelin, Yokohama, Dunlop, and many more.

For tyres of dimension 195/60 R15, we recommend our customers to opt for Roadstone Tyres.

Roadstone, part of Nexen Tyre, is one of the fastest growing tyre manufacturing companies in the world. With humble beginnings in the budget tyre domain, Roadstone currently delivers an extensive range of tyres in more than 100 countries worldwide. Roadstone tyres offer excellent performance and durability at a reasonable economic budget.

Here are some of the best Roadstone 195/60 R15 tyres you can buy at Gilgal:

Roadstone Eurovis Sport 4

Roadstone N Priz 4 Seasons

You can buy Roadstone 195/60 R15 tyres online from our website or directly from our tyre shop in Manchester. Refer the search box at the top of this page to browse through our inventory right away.

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