Performance Tyres

As a child, almost every single one of us had dreamt of owning at least one sports car. Every vehicle enthusiast knows that a sports car is not only an engine and a chassis; it is a complete system consisting of multiple small and large components. One of these components, and probably the most vital one, is a good set of performance car tyres.

Recently, in the UK, there has been an increase in demand for performance tyres. These tyres are purpose-built to achieve speed. Their sleek profile, shallower grooves, and wider rib- everything comes together to deliver the true potential of your sports car.

Performance tyres in Manchester have seen a high demand. That’s why we at Gilgal Tyre have stocked a wide range of different brands so that you can pick the best for your car. 

What we have to offer – 

If you are looking to buy the best quality performance car tyres in Manchester, you have come to the right place. Gilgal Tyre is one of the largest tyre retailers in Manchester, and you will find products suitable for every single type of vehicle that runs on the UK road.

Some of the brands we stock are – 

1. Pirelli.

2. Michelin. 

3. Continental.

4. Dunlop.

5. Goodyear.

6. Nexen.

Every single product at our shop has their respective EU tyre label attached, and we only stock tyres with the best ratings available. 

Why should you use performance tyres – 

You will feel a difference in performance the moment you will install a brand new set of performance car tyres. As mentioned before, these are made to achieve high speeds and provide excellent handling characteristics even when you are zooming down the highway. They also have a much better-stopping power, along with superb cornering capability and nimbleness. 

However, please remember that these tyres are not made to be fuel-efficient. Your car’s mileage will drop if you are using this type of tyres from the first time. 

Gilgal Tyre – synonymous with good quality

Are you looking forward to buying a new set of tyres, but worried about the price? Well, worry no more; Gilgal Tyre is offering attractive prices on all types of performance tyres at Manchester. You can also buy these tyres online and enjoy the convenience. Call us today to book an appointment.