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The town of Turin has gone down in history as a place from where Fiat comes. Established in 1899, Fiat Automobiles is probably the most notable and trusted car company out there. And, especially in cities like Manchester, a Fiat can be seen at all times rolling down the streets.

Fiat Automobiles, an abbreviation for Fabbrica Italiana Automobili Torino (Italian Automobiles Factory, Turin), is currently a subsidiary of Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA). Fiat has remarkable contributions in making Italy a global powerhouse of the automobile industry. It now acts as a benchmark for many other car manufacturers.

The Fiat 500 has given a stigma, albeit a positive one, of Fiat being an expert in producing smaller cars. Later it has gone on to create more popular automobile like the Panda and Tipo. The only exception to this is probably the 124 spider, which is a motorsports vehicle.

Reasons for purchasing a Fiat 

Reviews come rushing in all the time at Gilgal Tyre regarding Fiat cars, and the majority of them are positive. The following are some reasons why:

The driver gets a dominant feel about it.

Uses original equipment for optimal performance.

Spacious and always gives you a memorable riding experience.

Excellent handling and braking performance on all kinds of terrain.

Reasonable pricing with lucrative offers from time to time.

An important reason why so many people prefer Fiat is because of the tyres they choose. The company has a strict policy of maintaining a particular standard for Fiat tyres. All of their cars can provide such high-end performance and safety mainly due to their tyres.

After all, the tyre is the reason a car rolls!

Here are a couple of examples of Fiat products and the tyres they use for them:

Fiat Panda

It is one of the eight models that Fiat manufactures in the U.K. Panda use 0.9Litre 85HP Twin Air Petrol Engine that significantly reduces the fuel consumption by some 30%. It also has four airbags and Electronic Brake Distribution which guarantees you safety all along the journey. All of these features make it a worthy opponent of the Hyundai i10.

Available at Gilgal Tyre, our experts always recommend you buy the Goodyear GT2 tyre as your Fiat Tyres for this model. We even provide you with choices like the Continental Eco Contact3 and the Pirellip3000. All of these tyres are the best choice because they allow you to move swiftly in the cities. They also provide excellent grip during all weather conditions.

Fiat Punto

The Punto is one of those vehicles that rank at the top when it comes to safety. A surprising fact is that it has sixairbags and seat-belts with pre-tensioner. This enables you to manoeuvre comfortably during emergency situations.

As records suggest most of our customers who come to buy a Punto, tells the mechanics to use the Pirelli6000 tyre. This tyre, many believe, embodies the characteristics of Punto, as they provide outstanding handling experience. You are sure to have a seamless driving experience with this combination.

Fiat tyres at Gilgal Tyre

If you still find it confusing about which Fiat tyres to buy, don’t be. We are always available to you. Come to Gilgal Tyre Manchester, and we will help with choosing the perfect tyre.

You can purchase Fiat tyres manchester from the website and enjoy doorstep delivery from us.

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