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Once seen as an up-and-coming company that was too big to fail, Daewoo, a South Korean conglomerate, is now a shadow of its former self. Daewoo, which started in 1967, went bankrupt around 10 years ago. General Motors currently owns the brand, with most models now renamed to Chevrolet.

Still, a large number of people own Daewoo models in the UK, especially the smaller cars and sedans. Looking to buy Daewoo tyres Manchester? We can help.

At Gilgal Tyre Manchester, you will find all the best types of car tyres for your Daewoo. Gilgal Tyre stores only the best available brands. We pass on the original warranties to our customers. 

Our inventory stores all tyre models for Daewoo’s various offerings. From Pirelli to Bridgestone to Dunlop, we have them all.

Daewoo car tyres

A recent survey has found that the most-used Daewoo car in Britain is the Kalos, now known as the Chevrolet Aveo. The Kalos/Aveo is popular in many smaller cities of the UK, as it offers a pretty good ride on city roads and on the highway, credit for which must go partly to its tyres.

The Kalos/Aveo mostly uses either the Goodyear GT2 or Continental ContiEcoContact3. Both these tyres offer almost the same level of performance too. At Gilgal Tyre, however, we believe that the best car tyre for Daewoo is the Bridgestone ER30.

The ER30 comes with all the bells and whistles of a good city car tyre. It offers excellent grip and has aced numerous tests. Besides, it also offers the best value for money in its class.

Buying tyres from Gilgal

In case you are looking to buy cheap car tyres in Manchester, especially for your Daewoo car, Gilgal Tyre Manchester is your best bet. A couple of reasons are:

Besides selling tyres, we also offer great advice on how you should choose the best possible tyres for your favourite car.

We store only the best brands for you. As it is, Daewoo’s cars accept a great variety of car tyres. At Gilgal, you get to choose what you want.

We also sell tyres online. We have seen a remarkable leap in sales ever since we began offering online services in Manchester. Most people also enjoy the doorstep delivery.

Need more details? Do check our website thoroughly . You can also call us at 016-123-10000 from Monday to Friday between 9 in the morning to 6 in the evening. Happy driving!

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