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The French value their heritage mighty proudly, and rightfully so too. Some would say too proud. One of their prides comes from the world of cars: Citroen, a quintessential French firm which manufactures high-end automobiles. They are known as much for their looks as their performance. Citroen also uses the very best tyres available.

Do you own a Citroen? Looking to buy the best tyres at the most reasonable prices? You are in luck. We are Gilgal Tyre Manchester, one of the leading tyre retailers in and around Manchester city. 

At Gilgal Tyre, you will get only the best available tyre brands with all their original bells and whistles. From Pirelli to Bridgestone, we store every make of tyres that Citroen uses.

What sort of tyres does Citroen use?

It actually depends on the make and model of the car itself. As many readers will know, Citroen originally came with Michelin tyres, since both the companies are French giants. A more recent model, the Citroen C3, however, comes with Bridgestone tyres. 

Most notably, the Bridgestone Turanza ER300 and RE050A tyres come as standard fitments in many newer models. 

Citroen generally uses the following tyre sizes: 175/65 R14, 195/65 R15, 215/55 R16 and the 205/55 R16 models. 

Why choose Gilgal Tyre?

At Gilgal Tyre Manchester, you will get all the car tyres for Citroen. We offer you the following areas of expertise.

We have a team of experts at Gilgal Tyre who can help you choose all best possible set of tyres for your car.

We offer the best possible prices for your car tyres in Manchester. Tyres in the UK often need changing depending on the weather; we offer you both summer and winter tyres. We also store all-season, 4x4, performance tyres and other.

All the tyres that we sell are checked for any damages. We do not deal in tyres which have re-treads. In this way, you get only the best possible products. 

Gilgal Tyre is one of the largest online retailers of Citroen tyres Manchester. You can easily choose all the best possible sets from the comfort of your home with a few clicks of the mouse.

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