This is how Bridgestone Aims to Change the Way Commercial Tyres Work

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Posted on 29, August, 2018 at 11:09:02
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Bridgestone, the Japanese tyre giant, has time and again come up with tyres which change the way people look at cars. Bridgestone not only caters to passenger cars, however; it has also changed the way people look at commercial vehicles, the heavier cars that fulfil the logistical needs of the world. This Tennessee-based giant has now come up with a new type of tyre which will change the way commercial vehicles work. Called the Firestone FD711 drive tyre, this tyre will eventually change how commercial vehicles in the US and Canada work. For the record, Firestone is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bridgestone and has been in existence since the early ‘90s. Most of Bridgestone’s sales, especially in Asia and the Americas, come from the volume of Firestone tyres.

Does Bridgestone Take Commercial Vehicles Seriously?

They do. Commercial vehicle tyres form around 40% of the total tyres that Bridgestone sells around the world. Commercial vehicles do not need as many tyre changes as passenger vehicles do. Hence, their tyres are costlier than most tyre types. They are heavier, have sturdier sidewalls, and are more immune to wear and tear. The new model, FD711, shows all these traits, and then some. Aboard is a new feature called the Slow Wearing Cap Compound, something Bridgestone has been working on for many years now. This is a compound which boasts a cool-running base which helps in protecting these tyres’ shell.

How Does This Help Commercial Tyres?

When a new technology is used to protect a tyre casing from the accompanying high heat, its life increases remarkably. What’s more, this new FD711 model also has an elaborate four-belt construction. That, in effect, makes these tyres akin to the threaded tyres that armored vehicles use. If you have a long-haul car and are looking to buy a new set of tyres in Manchester, you better take a good look at what Bridgestone has to offer. Furthermore, this four-belt construction will also increase this tyres durability and effectiveness. It will also expand its capacity for re-treading it multiple times.

Anything Else That Bridgestone’s New Tyre Offers?

Bridgestone promises extraordinary fuel-efficiency with these tyres. Besides, this model has also been designed keeping in mind terrains that have high-scrubs or surfaces not favourable to these heavy vehicles. Besides, Bridgestone promises that these tyres will suit long-haul vehicles, pick-up and delivery vehicles. It will also work on off-road surfaces. Currently, only two sizes will go into manufacturing: the 11R22.5, as well as the 11R24.5.

Should You Buy One?

Frankly, it depends on which vehicle you drive and over what distances. The kind of features that this model comes with will make it quite expensive. In case you are looking to snap up some of Bridgestone’s latest commercial-vehicle tyres, be sure to check out reliable service garages like Gilgal Tyre in Manchester. Make sure that you get the right size when buying a new set of tyres. Remember that Bridgestone will only churn out two models at present.

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