How to Store Your Car Tyres and Wheels to Make Sure They Last the Longest

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Posted on 26, November, 2018 at 12:45:15
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Most British car owners prefer to use one set of summer tyres, and another set for winters. This is a healthy practice, using season-specific tyres increases your on-road safety and keeps you on the right side of the law.

Now, you know what to do with those tyres when it is installed in your vehicle, but do you know how to store them properly once the season is over? Your car wheels can last for a long time; however, more often than not these get damaged because of improper storing. Instead of buying new car tyres in Manchester or other places in the country every season, let’s take a look at how to prepare and store them so that they last for multiple years to come.

  1. Clean the Wheels – Salt, dust, and other contaminants can cause rust on the wheel when they are in storage. Before you put them away, clean them with a mild detergent and rinse them dry.

  1. Clean and Treat the Tyres – Tyres are made of a mix of rubber and silica. While in storage, this can dry out, causing it to crack and create fatigue on the carcass. Over time, this can result in extensive and permanent damage.

Before storing them, clean the tyres with a tyre cleaner and wipe off any residue. After that, spray it with a tyre dressing to prepare it for storage. Tyre dressing will soak into the rubber and prevent dry rot by keeping the rubber supple.

  1. Inflate the Tyres – It is imperative that you store your car’s tyres with adequate air pressure in them. Underinflated tyres can develop flat spots, which can harden and damage the carcass when you start using them. Also, proper air pressure helps it maintain its shape while it’s on the shelf.

  1. Pack it Properly – After your car’s tyres are properly cleaned and inflated, put them in a heavy-duty bag and seal the opening before storing them. It will keep those in good condition, and prevent the silicon-based dressing from evaporating. Also, a heavy-duty bag will offer some protection against accidental bumps when you are storing or shifting the unit.

  1. Tag all of the Units – Another thing you should always remember while storing your car tyres is to mark their position properly. Tag each one of them, for example, write down which one goes in the front left, or the rear right on the package itself. It will help you maintain your car’s tyre rotation cycle other than the obvious right tyre on the right wheel thingy.

  1. Stack Those Sideways – Do not store the car tyres standing vertically, it increases the chances of creating a flat spot. Place a piece of plywood or thick cardboard piece on the ground and lay your car tyres flat on top of it.

Even a set of cheap Tyres Manchester or other places in the UK will easily last for three seasons if you store them properly. You will find all the necessary tools like tyre dressings and storage bags from a professional auto garage, like Gilgal Tyre, at affordable prices. Gilgal Tyre also sells brand new tyres so that you can change your old set of tyres for new ones.

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