A Peek into the Tyre Technologies That Is Set to Take the World by Storm!

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Posted on 26, July, 2018 at 10:59:56
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The automobile industry is one of the most innovative industries around. Just look at the cars now as against the cars built as little as 15 years ago,and you’ll find that while the basics have remained the same, there have been many additions to, and subtractions in their features. With the imminent shift towards electric and hybrid cars, the automobile industry is going to change forever.

The tyre industry has walked hand in hand with the automobile industry to keep up with changing times. These two industries are of the same age,and both attract multi-billion dollar investments for taking the world into the future.

Just think about it; any futuristic sci-fi movie you watch, you’ll see flying cars, cars that can run on water, cars floating above the roads and what not! Even in popular culture, cars have become synonymous with innovations for the future.

Today, we are going to talk about some of the more recent revolutions in the tyre industry. Some of these technologies are in the development stage and haven’t seen the light of day yet. Nevertheless, we hope that they will be a reality soon because let’s face it, they’re awesome! We sure hope to see these uber-cool tyres in garages around the UK, such as Gilgal Tyres Manchester, soon.

Tyres That Inflate Themselves

The air pumps in garages are about to become obsolete if we are to believe Goodyear-Dunlop. They are working on a technology called Air Maintenance Technology or AMT, an electronic device built into the tyres for monitoring their air pressure and topping it up whenever it falls below acceptable levels.

Not only will this technology save you the hassle of visiting auto garages frequently but also add to your safety because under-inflated tyres are one of the biggest threats to road safety. You can expect to see these car tyres in Manchester in as little as five years from now.


Michelin beat Bridgestone in the race of creating an all-in-one tyre and wheel, or as Michelin likes to call it, the Tweel. Tweels use polyurethane spokes to connect its inner hub with the outer rim and entirely does away with air tubes. These spokes are flexible and capable of absorbing shocks as well. Tweels pull one over conventional pneumatic tyres because there’s no air involved and thus, no fear of flat tyres.

Currently, Michelin is marketing these tyres as replacement tyres for UTV vehicles,but you can expect to see these tyres Manchester or wherever it is that you live,on commercial vehicles soon.

Eco-Friendly Tyres

Tyre manufacturers around the world are desperate to reduce their carbon footprint. That’s why they are looking at every possible alternative to natural rubber for manufacturing tyres. Some notable mentions in this category are:

  • Continental plans to use dandelion plants for tyre manufacturing. How they are going to do it is anybody’s guess,but it sure sounds exciting.
  • Goodyear-Dunlop is not far behind. They plan to use an ingredient extracted from natural oil, called Biolsoprene, for their manufacturing process. Just for the record, they have already produced tyres using soybean oil.
  • Falken is a surprise addition to this list with their Enasave 100. These tyres have moved away from synthetic rubber and orthodox carbon black towards plant oil and natural rubber.

Self-inflating tyres, fusion of tyres and wheels, tyres that are sustainable- yesterday’s fiction have become today’s reality! No doubt, there will be more innovations and tyres in Manchester and everywhere in the world will be upgraded time and again.

Don’t worry. We’ll keep you posted!

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