4x4 Tyres and Maintenance Hacks for the Best Off-Roading Experience

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Posted on 25, October, 2018 at 07:14:09
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With an SUV, you can make the best of both off-road adventures as well as urban traffic. SUVs are increasing in popularity, driving owners to look for the best set of 4x4 tyres in Manchester and all over the UK. Where regular car tyres are manufactured to maintain traction only on a tarmac, 4x4 tyres can handle terrains with mud, grass and snow. These tyres have broader and deeper gaps in the tread in contrast to car tyres other than having wider bodies.

Choice of the right tyre depends mainly on where you’re going to drive your SUV. Following are the types of 4x4 tyres you will come across:

  1. All-terrain type (A/T)

All-terrain tyres are designed for 50% off-road and 50% on-road driving. A/T tyres will suit you if you spend around half of the miles on off-road conditions. These tyres have a higher decibel count on urban roads, but they make it with suitable performance in rougher terrains.

  1. Highway Terrain (H/T)

You will get a noise-less ride with this tyre. Urban drivers, who use their SUVs mostly on roads, will benefit from these. Because of compacted shoulder and closed tread pattern they give a noise-free driving experience.

  1. Mud Terrain (M/T)

M/T is majorly for off-road driving only. The aggressive tread patterns and large gaps offer exceptional traction in muddy conditions. These are for 4WD enthusiasts who drive their SUVs beyond the tarmac.

4x4 tyres are wider by design, resulting in better friction. Larger tread blocks also mean more rolling resistance while on regular tarmac roads. Hence, they will get worn out much faster than regular car tyres on regular roads.

Along with fitting the right tyres, it is imperative to take proper care of your SUV as well.

Few tips on proper maintenance of your SUV vehicle

  • Regular Oil Change

Off-road terrain demands a lot from your engine, especially when you are driving consistently in low gears for more torque. A substantial level of engine oil is crucial to generating the required performance. Make sure to check or better, refill the engine oil before heading out for a long off-road trip.

  • Changing the air filter

Off-road trails will obviously come with a lot of dirt and mud. They can contaminate the air filter over time leading to decreasing engine performance. In general, one should change their air filter after every 30,000 miles. However, if you are an off-road adventure enthusiast, you should replace them more often.

  • Check the differential regularly

The differential takes a lot of stress on rough terrains. It may sustain damages on the way in the form of dents and cracks. Visual inspection before and after hitting an off-road trail is mandatory. It is also advisable to install heavy-duty covers and protect the differentials.

With proper maintenance of your SUV, you can ensure an excellent off-roading experience. If you are looking for 4x4 car tyres in Manchester, visit a garage that sells the best brands at affordable prices. For example, Gilgal Tyres keeps an extensive collection of car tyres including 4x4 tyres for your SUV.

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