tyresDon’t you think the best-fit clothes make the most fashionable trends than the big or small ones according to your age and physique? The same is with tyres and wheels. If the wheels are too big for the car, they may not fit well and become loose on the axle, or if they are too small, they may not bear the load of the vehicle. They have to be just right for a specific car.

To help you understand better how the wheels and tyres are sized according to a car, we provide the following different size parameters attached to them:

The size of the wheels

When you look for a wheel for its size, it is always measured as the diameter X width. For example, when a wheel size is mentioned as 17X5″, the diameter of the wheel in this case is 17 inch with the width of rim as 5 inch. It is a common practice to increase the width of the wheel with the increase in the diameter, to cope up with the driving requirements.

You can find the diameter of the wheels at the back of the spokes. It is an inconvenience to uninstall them from the car; therefore, most of the manufacturers, nowadays, also engrave it somewhere in the front without destroying the aesthetics of the wheels. Sometimes it is not at all mentioned on the wheels; in that case, one has to measure the size of the wheels with an inch tape.

Tyre size and its fitting

Tyres should be chosen according to the specification of the wheels. The reason for this is, the tyres should be a perfect match of the wheels so as they don’t pose any sidewall and cornering problems. If the tyres are too big for the wheels, they may roll off out from the wheels in the middle of the road, while cornering and taking turns at high speeds. While, if the wheels are bigger for the fitted tyres, the tyres’ walls can get damaged and result in a flat tyre.

While measuring a tyre the markings on the tyres like, 235/45/17 will help you with the cause. Here, 235 is the width of the tyre, and 45 is the percentage aspect of the width known as the profile of the tyre, whereas 17 inch is the rim diameter on which the tyre will fit on.

Staggering setup of the wheels

It is a common practice in the sports car manufacturers like, Ferrari, and Mercedes to keep the diameter of the wheel of a rear-wheel driven cars more than that of the frontal wheels. The reason for this is the increased contact area of the tyres of the drivers wheel more with the road. Doing this makes the cars provide a high level of traction and performance. You should pay extra attention while installing wheels for your sports car.

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