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Are you looking to buy new 205/55 R16 tyres? Opt for Aoteli Tyres, one of the most popular brands in the budget tyre market.

Aoteli is part of the parent company, Shentai Group, based in China. It sells over six million tyres a year across the world and is well-recognised in the European market.

For those, who are not sure what 205/55 R16 signifies,

205 – Tyre width

55 – Tyre profile/ Aspect ratio (height of the sidewall/ tyre width)

R – Radial tyre

16 – Diameter of the wheel rim

You can find these numbers on the sidewall of your tyre. You must ensure you choose the tyres of the right size for your vehicle. Not only does it impact the car performance but also affects road safety.

You can purchase and get the tyres of this dimension fitted at Gilgal Tyre. Gilgal is one of the finest and biggest tyre retailers in Manchester. We house some of globally renowned tyre brands such as Pirelli, Nexen, Goodyear, Yokohama, Michelin, Dunlop, Aoteli and many more.

Featured Aoteli 205/55 R16 Tyre model:

Aoteli P307

You can buy Aoteli tyres of all dimensions from Gilgal Tyre. Visit our tyre shop in Manchester or go to our website to buy tyres online. Scroll back at the top of this page to use the search box provided and select the right dimensions and ratings for your tyre, and you can choose from our rich stock of tyres that is at your disposal.

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