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Sports Utility Vehicles, popularly known as SUVs, are vehicles that are in their element on both city roads and outdoors. Made heavier, more powerful and often with higher speed output, these cars are gaining more and more popularity among vehicle enthusiasts in the UK. But with the rising tyre prices, most SUV owners are having difficulties finding the best set of tyres for their vehicles.

Not anymore! With Gilgal Tyre at Manchester, you don’t have to worry about buying expensive 4x4 tyres at Manchester. We are one of the largest tyre retailers in the UK, and our SUV car tyres range consists of tyres from famous brands like Pirelli, Continental, Dunlop, and Goodyear etc.

How are they different?

The question that we face the most is “what exactly are the differences between SUV car tyres and ordinary car tyres?” Well, there are multiple differences. Let’s take a look at some of them - 

1. Build - 4x4 tyres have much better grip due to their wider size and aggressive tread patterns. They can also carry a lot more weight as they are made from a stronger material.

2. Unique design - You will notice that SUV car tyres have ‘sipes’ (small cuts near the sidewalls). These serve two purposes: first, they reduce the noise when you drive your car, and second, they help maintain uniform tread wear throughout the tyre.

3. Ride comfort - SUV’s are famous for their excellent ride comfort. The wide tyres, along with their heavy suspension, are the reasons behind that. You will never get the same comfort and performance if you fit standard car tyres in your SUV.

4. Speed - SUV’s are powerful machines, and they need equally sturdy tyres to unleash their full potential. These tyres can reach surprisingly high speeds while maintaining superb grip even when cornering.

Gilgal Tyre, offering you the best

If you are looking to buy some of the best quality tyres in Manchester, you must visit our store with your car. We have a wide variety of brands available, and if you haven’t made your mind, our experts will help you pick the best depending on your driving habit, budget, and the car that you own. You can also buy SUV tyres online from our store. 

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